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Classic Pomades

Every batch of our classic pomades is made with our own hand crafted recipe, hand whisked, whipped before cooling, and finished with our "signature swirl". Just like classic pomades from the 19th Century, these pomades will not harden after application which makes styling and restyling very easy. Our wax based pomades are 100% all-natural and are made from organic ingredients and top grade essential oils.


-Organic Shea Butter softens and moisturizes

-Local Beeswax is a natural sealant to lock in your individual style

-Sweet Almond Oil and other natural botanicals loaded with essential vitamins to condition and boost hair growth

-Lightly scented with top grade essential oils

-Proudly made in the USA

-Handcrafted in small batches


Rub a small amount into your palm to soften, apply to hair, then style. Use with dry or damp hair for a beautiful sheen and a classic hold that lasts all day.


Aslo available in our handmade, all-natural, classic pomade selection is Summer Raid.


Check out our handmade, hand-poured, all-natural beard oils and aftershave balms and lotions too!


We are constantly growing and expanding and adding new products based on the reviews and feedback from the greatest customers in the world, YOU. 


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100% All Natural Ingredients

Our Classic Pomades and Beard Oils Are Made From These High-Grade Organic Ingredients:

Watermelon Seed Oil

A superb antioxidant that acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin; reduces oiliness on the scalp and hair

Acai Berry Oil

Restores elasticity to the skin and is highly moisturizing

Carrot Seed Oil

Vitamins A & E promote hair growth and prevent hair loss; strenghthens hair

Rosehip Seed Oil

Regenerates the skin, reduces scars and wrinkles, promotes healthier skin, heals dry and damaged hair

Organic Shea Butter

Rich in Vitamins A, E, & F for healthier, stronger, fuller hair and softer, clearer skin

Argan Oil

Moisturizes skin and hair and is loaded with anti-oxidants which fight against acne

Hemp Seed Oil

Rich in fatty acids which stimulate hair growth

Hazelnut Oil

Softens and soothes skin and hair; absorbs easily into skin; strengthens hair

Jojoba Oil

Moisturizes skin and hair; promotes hair growth; provides calming aromatherapy

Sweet Almond Oil

Easily penetrates skin; contains Vitamin A which fights against acne; prevents moisture loss in skin and hair

Avocado Oil

Full of Vitamins A, B, D, & E; deeply nourishes and conditions hair; acts as a natural SPF

Coconut Oil

Stimulates hair growth; promotes scalp health and fights agains dandruff; softens hair; contributes to hair length

Voclanic Ash

Also known as Bentonite Clay this organic element draws out metals and toxins in hair; hair detox

Passion Fruit Oil

Also called Maracuja Seed Oil this oil moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair

Local Beeswax

Sourced locally this natural wax acts as a conditioner to calm and soothe the hair and skin; locks in moisture and holds hair in place




About Us

     It all started with a desire to produce high quality, all-natural, hair and beard products under an image and style that are as bold and unique as the products we put out.  The market is saturated with cheaply made, chemically induced hair products with the same genre repeated over and over again.  That's why we, at LOX HAIR WAX COMPANY, pride ourselves in using all-natural ingredients of the highest quality for our classic style pomades.

     When we say "all natural" we mean it. We do not use chemicals or alcohol in our products (which can leave your hair damaged and dry). Unlike hair gels, our classic pomades will not harden after application which makes restyling a cinch! Our wax-based pomades use 100% natural ingredients and every ingredient has a purpose. The crux of it all is this: our products will act as a leave-in conditioner that conditions, moisturizes, and softens your hair all while helping you reach the style you desire.

     LOX HAIR WAX COMPANY also takes great pride in the fact that we use the highest quality beeswax from local farms around our area. We love being able to use this all-natural organic product in our pomades and we love doing it with the help of our local farmers.

     One last thing that sets our company apart is that every batch of pomade is made by hand from a hard charging US veteran. We are a veteran owned and operated company. We make every product by hand as well as in small batches so that we are sure to control the quality and the integrity of our pomade. In the service we were taught core values and the importance of service and integrity and we put all that into the process and the qualitiy of work that we do. And that's the LOX HAIR WAX difference.


Thank you for your interest in LOX,

Miz & Team Lox


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