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Here's what people are saying about Lox Hair Wax Company. If you would like to be featured in this section please send us your compliments to info@loxpomade.com

"Batte Wax by Lox Hair Wax Company is simply perfect. Clearly, an extraordinary amount of thought and research went into formulating the product, from the base ingredients to the essential oils that make it functional while smelling great. It makes me feel good to know that this product is all-natural because it compliments my healthy lifestyle of eating right and working out on a regular basis. Most importantly, this product performs - it leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth, plus it washes out very easily. The fact that it is made by veterans is icing on the cake because I am a strong proponent of supporting our military. Thank you Lox, keep up the great work!"

-Derek (Founder & CEO of SportVenom)


"I have been using Battle Wax for only a couple months now and have nothing but positive feedback. Long lasting strong hold, its smell good and not to mention a solid growth for facial hair. My new Pomade of choice!"

-M. Rosensweet (verified customer)


"I recently have tried Battle Wax. I was a little hesitant in the beginning being its a fairly new company and the fact that I have tried dozens of beard balms and beard waxes but they just did not seem to hold up well. I tried Battle Wax that was given to me as a sample and I like that it held up well and had a nice scent. But the true test was when I got on the Harley and rode around 127 miles. I got off the bike and ran my hand through my beard because the wind disheveled it. I was extremely shocked to see that the Battle Wax held up and my beard combed back into place with out much effert. This product is probably the best product I have used yet and look foreward to becoming a loyal customer."

 -Luis Figeroa (verified customer)


"Battle Wax is by far the best pomade I have ever used hands down! I have been expermenting with different ingredient based waxes, creams and pomades. Battle Wax is what I have always been looking for! All natural locally sourced ingredients for all you tree huggers but best of all its made and owned by throat punching freedom fighting veterans. Not only does it have a great hold but it smells like Ronald Regan riding a grizzly bear with the American Flag in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Oh and my girlfriend loves the smell too!"

-Justin Poblete (verified customer)


"I only have one pomade at my house and that's LOX Battle Wax."

-Damian (Owner of Guy's Barbershop)


"Use Battle Wax you must."


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